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In a compressed air motor, there are two important aspects: energy consumption to produce air and production losses due to the distribution system. When we choose the correct central production system, we always take into account the best available technology, highly efficient electric motors and inverter control systems. The assessment of the current state of port distribution system identifies and reduces losses, which can reach up to 40% - 50% of air production.

In case of outdated plants or plants that are not properly optimized, significant flows of reactive power may exceed the limits imposed by the local Authority for Electricity, resulting in additional cost components in the energy bills. The use of local power factor correction system solves this problem in an efficient and with a generally low payback period.

Renewable energy plants produce environmentally friendly electricity. The solutions are numerous: from solar and wind power plants, to geothermal and biomass. The size and selection of the type of system should conform to current energy consumption. These steps must be followed scrupulously and carefully.

Sangalli Technologies offers its expertise for the evaluation of services described above and additional energy efficiency measures.

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