Electric Motors & Inverters

For most industries, electric motors are used in machines such as vacuum cleaners, pumps, conveyor belts, etc. For some industrial sectors, electric motors typically represent from 70% to 80% of total electrical consumption. Furthermore, the most significant cost during the useful life of an electric motor is represented by the operating cost rather than the initial investment.

Adopting high-efficiency class IE3 motors (IEC 60034-30: 2008) leads to significant energy savings and, therefore, cost advantages. This is due to both low inefficiencies as well as adequate dimensional characteristics for industrial applications.

Together with the electric motor, the other key element in an electric motor is the drive system. Where possible, choosing appropriate belts and pulleys, properly designed and dimensioned, can lead to interesting energy savings, potentially between 5% and 10%.

In several industrial applications, considerable advantages are experienced with inverters. Inverters find their best use in situations where it is necessary to control speed, torque, position or acceleration of the electric drives. This leads to the optimization of energy consumption.

In this context, Sangalli Technologies offers:

  • On-site visits to verify and identify the characteristics of existing systems;

  • Preliminary technical and economic feasibility studies;

  • Installation of inverters;

  • Supply and installation of electric motors and efficient drive systems.

Electrical Motors & Inverters

Electrical Motors & Inverters