Lighting Systems

For many industries, lighting costs represent a major share of energy consumption. LED technology has finally reached maturity and allows for a significant energy consumption reduction compared to traditional solutions, generating savings of up to 60%. LED lights are characterized by further advantages to traditional solutions: increased useful lifetime and minimal maintenance requirements.

Thanks to an innovative range of LED lamps, designed for industrial and commercial environments, Sangalli Technologies is able to simply replace outdated light fixtures or create new innovative lighting solutions.

Sangalli Technologies offers:

  • On-site visits to monitor energy consumption and illumination levels of current lighting systems;
  • Preliminary assessments of the technical and economic feasibility for the implementation of LED lighting systems instead of traditional lighting systems;
  • Lighting systems according to current laws and regulations;
  • Implementation of intelligent lamp management systems, such as dimming, sensors, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc, to achieve maximum energy benefits;
  • Supply and installation of lighting fixtures with the most suitable LED solutions.
LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Lighting