Intelligent Lighting

LED technology allows innovative solutions compared to traditional lamps, in terms of luminosity and adaptability. It is possible to implement a network of connections among lighting fixtures and sensors of different types, in order to create an intelligent system able to automatically meet different needs.

Sangalli Technologies intelligent lamp management system allows the creation of predefined scenarios and/or functions based on a network of devices located in a building. These devices can be switches, presence and motion sensors and brightness sensors (luxmeters), which allow to:

  • Turn on/off the lights and adjust the intensity (dimmer function), to adapt it to different needs
  • Ensure a certain level of brightness (constant light function), in terms of lux

These features can be integrated with predefined lighting scenarios, they are programmable with a timer, being able to manage the duration of activation/deactivation and they can be associated with a calendar and they allow the division of light fixtures into homogeneous groups, each responding to differentiated logics.

The system guarantees extremely flexible and programmable management of the lighting environment, based on the needs and requirements of the customer. The system is controlled by a WEB browser, accessible from a PC, smartphone or tablet, through which it is possible to manage the various functionalities and the various scenarios.

The luminous flux control can be carried out either through an analogue 0-10 V signal or through the DALI standard.

lighting control