ESCO Certificata

Sangalli Technologies has operated for many years and still operates as an "ESCo" (Energy Service Company). With its core business in energy efficiency, Sangalli Technologies has supplemented its already extensive offer with this financing format.

Sangalli Technologies designs and implements systems to improve energy efficiency. Beyond that, the 'ESCo' approach envisions that we partner with our customers, by taking on ourselves the risks of the initiative and the investment burden, in whole or in part. This includes the accreditation and sales of Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) - White Certificates, in Italy or other public subsidies outside Italy. The savings generated by the implementation of these initiatives are shared between our customers and us, according to our commercial agreements. At the end of the contract period, the ownership of assets that created energy efficiency are transferred from Sangalli Technologies to the customer. This is the "ESCo" approach.

As an ESCo, Sangalli Technologies can supply all industrial and commercial sectors where improved energy performance is required, such as:

  • Heat recovery from exhaust fumes or waste heat in general;

  • Energy efficient lighting;

  • Energy production through co/trigeneration;

  • Energy production using renewable sources;

  • Optimizing compressed air systems;

  • Installation of high efficiency electric motors;

  • Improving the efficiency of electricity consumption.