Energy Diagnosis

Sangalli Technologies is specialized in Energy Diagnosis according to current regulations and pays particular attention to:

  • Identification of energy flows;
  • Location of a virtuous cycle, in terms of energy efficiency, in order to reduce the energy requirements;
  • Development of feasibility studies of potential energy efficiency projects, with emphasis on the technical and economic assessments;
  • Identification of potential subsidies.

Energy Diagnosis is the most qualified tool for the analysis of the current energy management systems and energy consumption as well as highlighting the potential areas for improvement. We approach Energy Diagnosis in the following manner:

  • Acquisition of preliminary information and documentation;
  • On-site visits with energy measurement tools in order to verify the provided documentation;
  • Create an energy model of the existing situation using the data collected;
  • Calculating the energy performance indexes;
  • Market average ratios (when available) are used for comparison;
  • Identification of potential energy efficiency solutions as well as an evaluation of costs and benefits;
  • Preparation of diagnostic reports and discussion of results.

Sangalli Technologies owns several energy measurement tools to measure both thermal and electrical consumption.

Diagnosis & Project Planning