Cogeneration has the dual purpose of producing heat and energy using a single fuel source. Cogeneration is defined as "the simultaneous generation, in one process, of both electrical energy (and/or mechanical) and thermal energy. Both are considered useful energy, which guarantee a significant energy saving compared to their separate production."

The fundamental nature of this plant type is to create significant energy savings in comparison to separate production of heat and electricity. The saving can reach values of up to 30% for suitably-sized plants.

There are different cogeneration technologies (e.g. combustion engines, gas microturbines, gas turbines, steam cycles) each of which can be used according to its specific peculiarities. A complete system would also include the distribution of heat and electricity.

In the case of companies that need both heating and cooling energy, whether used for industrial purposes or air conditioning, Trigeneration plants, that allow the simultaneous production of electricity, heating and cooling energy, are also available.

Sangalli Technologies proposes the following activities:

  • Preliminary feasibility assessment aimed at defining energy needs;
  • Detailed design and sizing of plants;
  • Supply and installation of turnkey solutions;
  • Licenses and permits.